June Workshop

The June workshop will be conducted over a two day period on 23 and 24 June 2018, by Lindsay Hunt.

The culmination of the workshop will be the production of a leather wallet. You will learn how to add tool stamping and decorative carving to a wallet or pen case. Both projects will require building a template, cutting and wet moulding, edge burnishing and stitching.

Decorating leather projects is fun and adds character and uniqueness. For the June Workshop carving and stamping will be introduced through simple patterns and designs. Once the fundamentals have been learned, participants will be able to
progress to more complex decorations through practices.


Leather Dye
Edge Dye
Tracing Paper
Carnauba Wax/Other Finish
Tools Required:
Craft Knife
Skiving Knife
Square Edge
Scratch Awl
Tooling Maul
Stitching Needles x 2
Wing Dividers
Bone Creaser
Edge Beveller
Wooden Edge Slicker
Pricking Iron
Pencil/Pen Marker
Basket Weave Tool (Small)
Background Tool
Swivel Knife
Stitching Groover
Small Paint Brush
Supply of soft, clean cotton cloth/rags

Participants should bring as many of these tools as possible to the workshop. A small range of tools will also be available at the workshop.


Start Time: 8.00am for an 8.30am start
Finish Time: 1600 (approximately)
Location: Epping Creative Centre
Cost Members: $30.00 per day plus $30.00 for materials
Cost Non Members: $40.00 per day plus $30.00 for materials

Morning and afternoon tea/coffee will be supplied but please bring your lunch.
The cutoff date for booking this class is 15th June 2018 this will allow Lindsay to purchase the necessary materials for the class.

If you are interested in attending this workshop please contact Michael Gait – Workshop
Convenor on: (02) 6555 8092 or (M) 0408 996 683 or email: mgait@bigpond.net.au

When attending WORKSHOPS from 2018 and onwards, could you please pay ONLINE
on the Leatherworkers Guild website: http://www.leatherworkersguildnsw.org.au by
the cutoff date and leave your name, so that we can identify who has paid. This will avoid the handling of cash and it will improve time management for classes.

You will have a good time at this workshop – looking forward to meeting you!